Pre-patellar bursitis is inflammation in the pre-patellar bursa, appearing as a tense swelling in front of the kneecap and discreet from the kneecap bone itself.


Causes of pre-patellar bursitis

This is usually an overuse condition, such as a person might develop who habitually works on their knee, eg scrubbing floors. Usually it is inflammatory, but sometimes a foreign-body, such as a needle shard, may have penetrated and be the cause of an acute infection

Housemaid's knee

Pain syndromes related to the patella

A syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms that tend to occur together.

Introduction to the concept of 'overuse'

Part of a series on overuse problems by Mr (Dr) Charles Willis-Owen.

Symptoms associated with patellofemoral pain

Part 5a of a course on Patellofemoral Pain by Dr Ronald Grelsamer of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.



Prepatellar Bursitis.

Complications after surgery to remove bursa.

Prepatellar bustitus [sic].


Endoscopic treatment of prepatellar bursitis. Huang Y-C and Yeh W-L. Int Orthop. 2011 Mar; 35(3): 355–358.

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