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Author Topic: Complications after surgery to remove bursa.  (Read 10381 times)

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Complications after surgery to remove bursa.
« on: June 22, 2009, 04:54:46 AM »
First Surgery- February 19, 2009  Removal of a prepatella bursitis
                   February 21, 2009  In the ER to remove 250ml of blood from bursa area
Second Surgery- February 23, 2009 Place a drain in knee to remove excess blood and serous fluid
                   February 25, 2009 Drain removed
Third Surgery- March 3, 2009 Scrape out remaining bursa tissue, place drain back in
                    March 11, 2009 Drain removed
Fourth Surgery- March 26, 2009 Repeat bursectomy, placement of tetracycline powder (Admitted to hospital due to excess pain)
                     April 19, 2009 Start of infection, antibiotics for 17 days
                    April 22, 2009 arthrogram of knee with CT scan
Fith Surgery- May 19, 2009 Repeat bursectomy knee left open, surgery finished on May 22, 2009 with placement of a Wound V.A.C unit.
                   June 5, 2009 ER for infection, start of antibiotics
                   June 10, 2009 Infection comes back, second round of antibiotics

This is most of my history for the past four months. I went in for a simple surgery and was faced with a nightmare. I have been going through the Wound V.A.C. therapy for a month now with no major improvement. I am in constant pain due to the infection and I am not sure how much more of this I can take. I am currently seeing three sergeons, but they have no answers as to why I am not improving. After the fourth surgery I experienced a great deal of swelling until finally my incision opened. For the next week I had a great deal of dark brown fluid leak from the opening in the incision. The doctor told me that it was a liquified hematoma. Soon the fluid turned to a yellow color and continued to leak until I was placed on antibiotics and the wound healed. The fluid continued to build until I was having 100ml of fluid drained from my knee with a needle twice a week. Finally the decision was made to do the fith surgery where I was suppose to have a repeat of the fourth surgery with the difference of a drain being placed in and a full leg cast placed on my leg for six weeks. Durring the surgery another doctor was brough in and he suggested that a Wound V.A.C. would be a better option for healing. My knee was left open for three days until they were able to aquire a unit. I have since recieved at home nursing care to change the dressing three times a week. While there is a large wound on the top of my knee, the space tunnels about 4cm in all directions. The wound V.A.C. is suppose to speed up the healing process but the measurements have not changed much in the past month. Not only has the wound shown minimal signs of healing, but I have also been trying to fight off another infection. I am in constant pain and I am desperate for some ideas as to what I can do. I am not sure how much more of this I am going to be able to handle. I have talked to four doctors, but they all agreed that they have no idea why this is not healing. The one doctor that said he did not believe the wound vac would work told me that the only option I had was to have all the tissue in my knee that makes the serous fluid removed, but this would leave me unable to have any movement in my knee for the rest of my life. I am only 28 years old and I am the mother of a very active 3 year old. I do not want to be left without the use of my knee, please does anyone know what I can do? Has anyone ever had complications after a bursa removal and if so what corse of treatment did you have to go through to heal the problem? Please I am desperate for help!!!!
I have had five knee surgeries in the past four months because of complications from a bursectomy. At the moment I have a Wound V.A.C. in my knee but because of a persistent infection, it is not healing.