Platelet Rich Plasma is a blood preparation where a portion of plasma rich in platelets is extracted from the rest of the blood.

platelet rich plasma separated by centrifuge    
Centrifuged blood sample separating out the platelet-rich layer.    


How is platelet rich plasma prepared?

Blood is taken from a vein in the common way and then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the blood components into layers - the platelet layer is then withdrawn within a small volume of plasma. It is then reinjected into the knee (or other joint) or made into a preparation in combination with other orthobiologic materials and placed into the area being treated. 


How useful is platelet rich plasma?

Unfortunately the literature is controversial as the efficacy appears to depend upon the way the platelet rich plasma is prepared and used. 


Discussion looking at the alternatives to a joint replacement in active patients whose osteoarthritis tends to be limited.

A discussion of newer concepts in fat-derived stem cell work.

A case presentation by Adrian Wilson, FRCS.



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