An osteochondral defect occurs when a chunk of joint cartilage is lost, leaving a crater that extends into the underlying bone.

osteochondral defect
osteochondritis dissecans of femoral condyle


Causes of osteochondral defects

Deep craters involving both the cartilage and the bone may be a result of impact or a condition such as osteochondritis dissecans where bood supply fails to an area of bone, and the bone and cartilage die.


A case presentation by Adrian Wilson, FRCS.

Common joint surface problems in the knee

A quick overview of the problems one sees in the white joint cartilage at the end of the bones in the knee joint.

Articular cartilage damage

Part 2 of an in-depth review on Articular Cartilage Repair by Karen Hambly BSc MCSP (Sports Scientist/Physiotherapist).



Osteochondral defects.

Osteochondral Defect.

Osteochondral defect.


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