OS thinks I may be able to get away with OATS instead of allograft

Well My OS called me back today and told me she has looked at the pics from my last scope and she thinks that if the defect hasnt increased in size too much she will be able to do the OATS instead of allograft.  She will be doing a diagnostic scope somewhere between April 15 and 30, and if the defect is ok for OATS shes gonna go ahead and do it then, if it is too large shell close up and procede with arranging the allograft.  She said if she does the OATS i will stay overnight in the hospital, will have a CPM machine and she is going to try and get a cryotherapy machine approved although there may be a copay.  I have bcbs of nc and they say OATS is investignational (even though its been around since 1908) However she seems confident that shell get it approved she said she had gotten alot approved and has never had any turn downs.Something interesting I found by accident I came across a bcbs tn page stating that they do cover OATS why would they cover it in one state and not the other??  She also increased my pain meds from loratab 7.5 to norco 10/325 every 6 hours, i am praying that this will work.  I am sick and tired of this freaking pain and inability to do everyday things like get off the toilet go up and down stairs, walk, sleep, housekeeping, work, its crazy.  So I am soo looking forward to getting this surgery done and moving forward with my life. Until next time. Peace and Love as always

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