Cryotherapy is treatment using cold to reduce inflammation.


In this system gravity feeds the cold solution into the cuff, and dropping the container to the floor empties it again.


Simple to sophisticated cryotherapy systems

Cryotherapy helps to relieve pain and also to minimise swelling. Icing can be performed with simple home systems or more sophisticated commercial systems.

This may be in the form of ice, ice-like products or cold fluid. It is not a problem if you do not have a commercial system. Moisten a towel and wrap it around some ice from the refrigerator. Remember that ice from the freezer is FAR colder than from the refrigerator so if you use freezer ice you need to crush it and use a good thick towel. Better is a bag of frozen peas. Ice the limb for about 15 minutes only. Repeat as needed but don't leave the ice on so long that the skin burns!


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