Synovial chondromatosis is a rare disorder where the joint lining (synovium) proliferates and produces a benign proliferation of synovial tissue and bits of cartilage.

What is the cause of synovial chondromatosis?

The cause of this strange condition is unknown, but apparently it is not an inherited condition.

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How is synovial chondromatosis diagnosed?

The condition initially appears to be ordinary osteoarthritis, with a painful swollen knee. But X-rays or MRI scan may show multiple loose bodies in the joint cavity.

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What is the treatment for synovial chondromatosis?

If the patient is not very distressed the doctor may choose to do nothing and just observe any progress in the condition. If pain and swelling are severe, and the patient is distressed by noises in the knee (crepitus) and locking of the joint, then the surgeon may remove the loose bodies wither by open surgery or by arthroscopy.

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