Cartilage resurfacing is the method of replacing an area of damaged joint cartilage with a shallow implant, which can be cell-based (eg ACI) or a resurfacing implant such as the Hemicap.



This is in contrast to an 'amputative' procedure such as a total knee replacement.

Articular cartilage resurfacing

Surgical cartilage repair for knee osteoarthritis

An overview of the various options available for surgical cartilage repair of the knee.

This is the editor's 'interpretation' of a 2011 publication in the medical journals that gives an overview of cartilage injury, a brief description of current treatment options and outcomes, and a discussion of principles and techniques of MACI.



Trends in biological joint resurfacing. Myers KR, Sgaglione NA and Grande DA. Bone and Joint Research - Open access.

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