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Resurfacing is replacing a part of the joint with a metal or metal/plastic implant.

trochlear implant


Most of the joint remains original

Resurfacing generally implies less bone loss than a partial knee replacement but - especially when talking about the contact surfaces between patella and femur - sometimes they may mean the same thing. So, for example, in a partial knee replacement of the patellofemoral joint, the back of the patella is resurfaced and the groove of the trochlea of the femur is resurfaced. The rest of the knee remains intact.

Patellar replacement
Patellofemoral replacement
Joint resurfacing

Patellofemoral resurfacing

Commentary on the replacement of the trochlear groove and back of the patella with artificial components.

Discussion looking at the alternatives to a joint replacement in active patients whose osteoarthritis tends to be limited.

An interpretation of a published journal article from 2017.



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