rupture of medial colliataral ligament

Hi injured my knee skiing 2 months ago getting phisio now twice a week by 2 different physios one is so positive the other keeps telling me how bad my injury is (negative) I asked the other day how long more will i need to wear my neo -prene brace which also has hinged metal at sides answer OH for a very very long time do you realise you have nothing to support your knee!! I left so depressed as im a very active person at 52 and just adore skiing I will be on the slopes next year! Have done 2  3 mile walks with my dogs since out of ill show you and in no pain !!so anybody out there that has positive results please help Im going to Canada end of april for my aunts 80th Birthday (fit as a fiddle) and Im really want to wear a dress with no brace!! Help !

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