The Problem Knee - diagnosis and management in the younger patient

242 pp, well illustrated with diagrams, photographs and X-ray images.

This excellent book is written by two very experienced orthopaedic surgeons - Malcolm Macnicol and Franky Steenbrugge - but aimed at non-surgeon clinicians who are more likely to be the first point of contact for the younger patient with a knee problem. 

The authors explain the common mechanisms of knee injury, and the symptoms with which the patient is likely to present. A useful section of 22 pages takes the reader through a routine for physical examination, and a comprehensive section discusses the range of special examinations to help seal diagnosis. Both of these are richly illustrated.

Ligament, meniscus and patellofemoral problems and fractures are well explained, and each section richly referenced. Function and histology of the anatomic structures is covered in adequate depth to allow students and clinicians to understand fully the mechanisms of failure. Common surgical solutions are discussed where relevant, but there is little on physical rehabilitation which I felt might have left the reader requiring to turn to another text for further help in this respect.

In addition there are chapters on knee problems in young children and on soft tissue injuries of the knee. A list of references is given at the end of each chapter.

A useful appendix offers the standard rating systems for knee problems.

This is a wonderful book to give a clinician a thorough taste and feel of the range of primary disorders of the knee with which the younger patient might present to them. It deliberately omits secondary problems and disorders common to the older patient, but this is made clear from the title of the book.