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A review by KNEEguru of a published medical book with expert contributors - Editor: Shital N Parikh, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Center.

Fully illustrated 10,000 word article on injury to the knee cartilages (knee menisci). The article describes the...

A review of a classical and great student text book of orthopaedics and fractures.

242 pp, well illustrated with diagrams, photographs and X-ray images.

This excellent book is written by two very experienced orthopaedic surgeons - Malcolm Macnicol and Franky Steenbrugge - but aimed at non-surgeon clinicians who are more likely to be the first point of contact...

486 pp, richly illustrated and carefully thought out. A scratch-off panel reveals a code to give access to the e-book, which can be downloaded to various devices, offering a student a reference that can always be handy.

This text has moved a long way since Apley's original 1959 publication, and has been expanded to become a general orthopaedic text for...

118 pps, soft cover. Includes tables, graphs and full colour photos. Available also in Kindle edition.

Author: Dr Dennis R Kerr from Joint Orthopaedic Centre, Bondi Junction, Australia. Published by Informa...

This is a clinical text written by experts for experts, and has over 500 pages of well-indexed detail and is richly illustrated in colour. It is not a beginner's book.