Knee Arthrofibrosis: Everything You Need to Know to Recognize, Treat, and Prevent Loss of Knee Motion After Injury or Surgery

Authors: Frank Noyes and Sue Barber-Westin

e-Book Review

This e-book is from two knee experts, written in a style for everyone to be able to understand the key issues and well illustrated in full colour.

This little ebook is packed with detail.

There is an excellent and succinct introduction and a detailed anatomy overview, highlighting the main anatomical structures involved in the arthrofibrosis process.

The authors discuss the all important difference between secondary and primary arthrofibrosis. The chemical pathways involved in the abnormal physical process suggest where any genetic influences may play out in the primary form of the disorder. The conditions that may trigger the arthrofibrosis process in those people in whom the condition is secondary are discussed in detail.

The early warning signs are emphasised, together with a discussion of the importance of early detection when there has been a triggering event such as significant injury or surgery.

There is an extensive illustrated list of relevant exercises, which alone offer incredible value to the reader. Relevant medications are discussed. 'Overpressure' devices to passively assist in regaining extension are discussed and illustrated, as well as overpressure flexion devices and exercises to help in regaining flexion, including in relation to in-patient physiotherapy following surgical release of the tissues or manipulation.

Surgical procedures are illustrated and include - lysis of adhesions, open Z-plasty release of retinacular tissues, open medial and lateral posterior capsulotomy, and finally procedures to manage patella infera. The last chapter discusses the related condition of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Format: e-book