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Genu valgum

The word 'genu' means 'knee'. Genu valgum means 'knock knee'. Valgus means the same and is an adjective, eg valgus deformity, valgus force.

Developmental genu valgum in children

Knock knees are common in children between 4-7 years of age. Most kids simply grow out of it and no treatment is usually necessary.

Adult genu valgum

In adults genu valgum may be:

  • one of the rare cases where childhood valgus persisted into adulthood
  • due to arthritis in the lateral compartment (outer aspect of the knee bones)
  • secondary to a disorder such as spastic diplegia
  • Realignment osteotomy for knee pain - a course by Adrian Wilson, FRCS

    03 Feb, 2008

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