Physes are the growth plates of bones in children.

growth plate or physis
The physes usually close as the child reaches adulthood.
growth plates

Discussion of changes to limb length caused by damage to the growth plate before puberty.



Tibialis Allograft for Open Physis 15Y/O.

8 year old ACL tear.

Looking for advice/feedback 14 year old, 2 dislocations; PLEASE HELP.


Differential aging of growth plate cartilage underlies differences in bone length and thus helps determine skeletal proportions. Lui JC, Jee YH, Garrison P, Iben JR, Yue S, Ad M, Nguyen Q, Kikani B, Wakabayashi Y and Baron J. PLoS Biol. 2018 Jul; 16(7): e2005263.

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