Physes are the growth plates of bones in children.

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growth plate or physis
The physes usually close as the child reaches adulthood, so any issues from damage to the physis start as a child although deformity may persist into adulthood.


What is a growth plate?

A growth plate is an area across the bone where the cells are dividing rapidly, and new cells are constantly pushing away the older ones, so that the bone grows from this point.

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Why is the physis important?

Damage to the physis from injury or surgery may result in limb deformity as the child gets older. Surgeons will do their utmost not to breach this growth area during surgery, although occasionally it proves necessary.

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Peer-reviewed papers

  • Quote:

    "Growth plate injury is a debilitating condition for children....conservative treatment is the most common treatment option with satisfactory results.... [with] proper reduction and cast."

    Citation: Sananta P, Lesmana A, Alwy Sugiarto M. Growth plate injury in children: Review of literature on PubMed. J Public Health Res. 2022 Jul 18;11(3):22799036221104155. doi: 10.1177/22799036221104155. PMID: 35923296; PMCID: PMC9340334.

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growth plates

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