Cruciate repair is repairing a torn or avulsed cruciate ligament from its two ends, rather than using a replacement graft.

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cruciate repair procedure


In selected patients the cruciate ligament can be brought back to the native position against the wall of the notch and fixed there.


internal brace


A braided 'internal brace' may be used to support the ligament during healing.

Cruciate repair versus reconstruction

Cruciate repair had been abandoned some years ago in favour of cruciate reconstruction but, with improved understanding of which cruciate tears heal more readily and with improved technology, the procedure is making a comeback, especially in children.

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Sherman classification

The Sherman Classification is useful in determining which cruciate tears are most likely to be amenable to repair, that is a Sherman Type I, which is an avulsion of the upper part of the ligament from the wall of the intercondylar notch.

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