Patellar tendinopathy is a degenerative disorder of the patellar tendon


What causes patellar tendinopathy?

This disorder is generally agreed to be an 'overuse' problem, with the tendon developing frequent small tears which it attempts to heal. Instead, the tendon develops a mushy ('mucoid') degeneration, which weakens it, causes local discomfort, and may predispose the tendon to rupture.

Confusion of names

The condition used to be called patellar 'tendinitis' or 'tendonitis'. The term '-itis' in medicine means 'inflammation' - a process of irritation, increased blood supply, and infiltration of the area with special inflammatory cells - but these features are not actually seen in patellar tendinitis. So there is a lot of medical literature suggesting that the condition no longer be called 'patellar tendinitis' but 'patellar tendinopathy' or 'patellar tendinosis' instead, implying a degenerative condition rather than an inflammatory one. For your research, you need to search using all of these keywords.


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