A mediopatellar plica is a flattened band of synovium (joint lining) inside the knee, left over from the embryological development of the knee.

ligamentum mucosus
A mediopatellar plica is the same as a medial plica, and runs down the knee on the medial side along the side of the femur, where it can sometimes be traumatised and thickened and become impinged between the femur and the patella.
Medial plica
Medial shelf
Medial synovial plica
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A list of references relating to the plica syndrome

What is the Plica Syndrome?

The plica syndrom is an often-missed cause of symptoms around the kneecap.


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Medial plica

Plicae are often neglected as a cause of knee pain.

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Medical Plica Syndrome Sznajderman T. et al. IMAJ 2009: 1: January: 54-57.

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