Plica syndrome is a collection of symptoms commonly seen together when a fold of joint lining called a plica is irritated, thickened and intermittently catching in the joint.

medial plica being nipped between femur and patella thicked plica being nipped between femur and patella site of pain from a synovial plica on the medial side of the knee
This medial plica is being nipped between patella and femur during joint movement. Above the knee the suprapatellar plica may become nipped between the femur and the quadriceps tendon. Such trauma can cause the tissue fold to become inflamed and thickened, and then nippling (catching) can occur more often. Discomfort is typically felt on the inner aspect of the knee. A medial plica may be palpable as a tender cord-like structure on the lower inner quadrant of the knee.


Treatment of Plica syndrome

Different plicae can cause different symptoms - the common problematic plica is located on the medial (inner) aspect of the knee and it can become traumatised between the bones.

Treatment may includes anti-inflammatory medication, local steroid injection, physiotherapy to strengthen the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles and arthroscopic surgery to remove the structure entirely.

medial plica irritation
synovial plica syndrome
medial plica syndrome
lateral plica syndrome
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A list of references relating to the plica syndrome

What is the Plica Syndrome?

The plica syndrom is an often-missed cause of symptoms around the kneecap.


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Conditions that might be the cause of problems in the knee when there has not been any injury.

Medial plica

Plicae are often neglected as a cause of knee pain.

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