A cartilage graft is a transplant of a piece of joint cartilage into a prepared recipient area where cartilage had been damaged.


Types of cartilage graft

Although morcellated cartilage is commercially available for grafting, most cartilage grafts are in fact free cartilage cells restrained in some way so that they do not float off, or plugs of bone and cartilage.


Surgical cartilage repair for knee osteoarthritis

An overview of the various options available for surgical cartilage repair of the knee.

Report of a visit to JRF Ortho, who supply allografts to surgeons.

Which articular cartilage repair procedure?

Part 3 of an in-depth review on Articular Cartilage Repair by Karen Hambly PhD BSc MCSP (Sports Scientist/Physiotherapist).



Cartilage Injuries in the Adult Knee Evaluation and Management. Moyad TF. Cartilage. 2011 Jul; 2(3): 226–236.

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