DeNovo NT is a scaffold-free proprietory minced cartilage ('Natural Allograft Tissue') in a fluid suspension, sold for repairing cartilage defects.


Particulated cartilage

The defect is cleaned, and a thin film of mouldable foil is used to determine its shape. The cartilage pieces are placed in the temporary foil mould and held together with fibrin glue, until it can be removed and placed into the defect and glued into place. DeNovo NT has been available for clinical use since 2007.


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Clinical Outcomes of Patellar Chondral Lesions Treated with Juvenile Particulated Cartilage Allografts. Buckwalter JA, Bowman GN, Albright JP, Wolf BR and Bollier M. Iowa Orthop J. 2014; 34: 44–49.

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