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Stem cells

A stem cell is an unspecialised cell with a remarkable ability to divide over and over and become differentiated into another type of cell, replacing damaged body tissue.

There are two tyes of stem cell used in the laboratory -

  • embryonic stem cells - cells taken from embryos and which can differentiate into a number of different types of cell
  • adult stem cells - a cell which is taken from adult tissue and which can differentiate into a cell type similar to that from which it was taken

Stem cells, regenerative orthopaedics and the knee

02 Jun, 2013

An overview of current stem cell practice relating to the knee and a hint of the future.


2011 - Articular Cartilage Regeneration with Stem Cells

02 May, 2013

The Editor's interpretation of a 2011 book chapter published in the book 'Modern Arthroscopy'.



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