The KNEEguru website is not a registered charity, but is a commercial UK company limited by shares.

Over the 20 years of its existence the site has become very large and complex and needs commercial solutions for funding our work. Content is regularly being added, and older content curated. Large databases require maintaining. It is heavy on 'man-hours'.

In order to fund the website, we involve -

Corporate Sponsoring

Corporate sponsors may offer financial support for our work, for which they will receive in exchange public recognition via the display of their logo on the website. logo will click through to their own site, or a landing page managed by us, but giving more details of their company.

Where a corporate sponsors supports actual content production, we will clearly display that the material has been sponsored by them and who authored the content. 

If we agree that a corporate sponsor may offer downloadable content, such as a White Paper, we will curate the process.


Paid Commercial Advertising

A commercial advertiser will agree with us a package of advertising, usually via one or more visual banners, for a certain period of time or a certain number of impressions or clicks. We may choose to place the advertisement throughout the site, or only on certain pages or only make it visible in certain countries. The content and the placement is under our control, but we will always mark it clearly with the work 'Advertisement'. 

We support the principle of ethical advertising. Advertising revenues play no part in influencing the content of the site.We do not accept any advertiser who requests that we amend our content.

We have no influence on the content of the advertiser's own site.


Google Adsense Advertising

We have an agreement with Google Adsense, that allows us to display Adsense ads. This involves adding blocks of code within our website, in sizes and positions of our choice, and Google then allow advertisers to bid for these spaces. 

Although the advertisments are meant to be 'context sensitive' and display material relevant to the content of the site, we note that many ads that appear to a reader relate to products they have been perusing elsewhere, during which occasions they have been 'cookied' by those sites. Becasue of this, we are trying to move away from this as our major funding source.



Our Forum Members often give us 'thank you' donations. If they do so, they are acknowledged with a 'Donor Flag' in their member Profile, marked with the year of the donation. Occasionally we will be given donations by readers who are not forum members, in which case they receive a private thank you email from us, but there is no public acknowledgement.