Hyperextension is when the knee can bend a bit backwards.

Knee range of motion, showing that the normal knee may slightly hyperextend - in this case to -6 degrees.


Range of motion of the knee

A normal range of motion at the knee includes flexion, extension and a small amount of hyperextension.


Terminology of flexion & extension

A discussion of the words used to describe problems with range of motion of the knee.

The knee - range of motion

Part 2 of a course by Dr Frank Noyes on Arthrofibrosis



Cruciate injury patterns in knee hyperextension: a cadaveric model. Schenck RC Jr, Kovach IS, Agarwal A, Brummett R, Ward RA, Lanctot D and Athanasiou KA. Arthroscopy. 1999 Jul-Aug;15(5):489-95.

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