Hoffa's syndrome is pain in the front of the knee associated with irritation or scarring of the infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa fat pad).

Hoffa fat pad
The Hoffa fat pad is the main fat pad in the knee.


Inflammation of the Hoffa fat pad

The Hoffa fat pad cushions and protects the menisci and cruciate ligaments, but is itself vulnerable to injury from accidents and also from the portals that the knee surgeon creates during keyhole surgery. Bleeding and scarring in the fat pad can cause pain in the front of the knee.

fat pad syndrome
Hoffa's disease

The patella - important anatomical relationships

The kneecap or patella is part of a chain of structures that help to straighten the knee.

Fat pad syndrome

A syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms that tend to occur in association.

What are the common kneecap problems?

A quick overview of kneecap problems to help you with your research.



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