Apley's test is a clinical test to try to identify possible damage to the meniscus.


How to perform Apley's test

The patient lies on their tummy with the knee bent to 90 degrees. The examiner supports the thigh using his one hand or his own knee, while at the same time grasping the foot and pressing the downwards, while at the same time rotating the lower limb outwards. If the patient experiences pain it is suggestive of meniscal damage.

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Apley test
Apley grind test

Meniscus tears

Discusses how a meniscus can become injured, and the types of meniscus tear and their consequences



Diagnostic accuracy of the Thessaly test, standardised clinical history and other clinical examination tests (Apley's, McMurray's and joint line tenderness) for meniscal tears in comparison with magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis.. Blyth M, Anthony I, Francq B, Brooksbank K, Downie P, Powell A, Jones B, MacLean A, McConnachie A and Norrie J. Health Technol Assess. 2015 Aug; 19(62): 1–62.

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