To abduct is to move the limb away from the midline, and towards the outer side, with the trunk upright.

hip abduction

Knee Rehabilitation Principles

A pretty comprehensive rehab section offering descriptions of many of the routine knee exercises, together with an explanation of where each is relevant.

A-Z of Rehabilitation Exercises

An alphabetical list of the sort of exercises usually prescribed by physiotherapists for knee rehabilitation.

Hip external rotation & abduction

Hip exercises to strengthen and balance the lower limb musculature.

Hip abduction

Hip exercises are important in stabilising the lower limb.



An examination of the gluteal muscle activity associated with dynamic hip abduction and hip external rotation exercise: a systematic review. Macadam P, Cronin J and Contreras B. Int J Sports Phys Ther. 2015 Oct; 10(5): 573–591.

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