Tibial Plateau Fracture

Tibial plateau fractures are important because they affect the joint line, and need to be recognised early and treated expertly.

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patella fracture,what to expect.

A patella fracture is quite a serious injury,and the road to recovery is not a short journey,it can take anything from 6 months to year to gain any kind of normality.It can be just a fracture,or a displaced fracture,in the case of a displaced...

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I am NOT Supergirl

It's an ungodly hour, yet I'm still awake, with, apparently, nothing to do. The shoulder pain has finally subsided.  I had my first day out, you see, apart from hospital visits and work.  A trip to my favourite restaurant, and shopping at the craft market.  My friends and mother have been most obliging in pushing me along in a rented wheelchair.  I think I made about 5 full rotations of the wheels myself, hence the shoulder pain.  I had injections too, and the pain in the left shoulder was alleviated, but the right dug its...

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HARDWARE REMOVAL Type V Tibial Plateau fracture bicondylar w cadaver

I had a fracture as described above Sep 2009 and have just had my 9 screws and large plate removed July 29 2010.  I had pressure and uncomfortableness on a continual basis, except when laying down.  As a past triathlete and active sports player the injury changed my lifestyle and the hardware especially.. It has been a week now since the operation -removal of hardware and i already feel a release of that continual pressure and plain unnaturalness.  I...

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My family is sick of hearing about my TPF

So here I am blogging.  I never thought I would have time to become a blogger - I guess that's just one of the many upsides of this broken leg.  It all started in March at Steamboat Springs.  Had an excellent week of skiing and was feeling great on my 8th and final day of skiing with 7 friends.  Just before lunch, we all took a run together.  I was following behind my friend Ruth who found a spot to catch some air,...