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WHY WE HAVE A NEW FORUM...and how old members get back in

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2023 2:56 pm
by The_KNEEguru
The original KNEEguru forum has been running for many years, but has become outdated. It was never 'mobile-responsive' and its age was holding back other updating work we need to do on other parts of the site. Rather than close it down, we have chosen to port what we can to a new venue. This will create some issues for previous members who will need to use the same username but have to change their password. When logging in they will be prompted as to how to do that. The old forum allowed a login name and a display name, but this new forum only allows a single name. If you are struggling here, just let us know. Also any name that is two or more words will need an underline. So try adding an underline when logging in, and see how that goes, eg The KNEEguru is now The_KNEEguru. Our office - [email protected] - should be able to identify existing members who are struggling and we should be able to help you.

Other issues include:
  • we had to reduce the size of the databases, and chose to delete many old posts and also the word games that members enjoyed playing
  • previous urls to individual discussions and diaries won't work any more, but we are gradually working through them and re-directing them to the new urls
  • We have had an issue porting old PMs (private messages) - there were so many that the system only moved a third of them, but it is too time-intensive to try and retrieve the lost PMs/
On the plus side, it is much easier to read posts on mobile devices, and we know we won't be overtaken by technology incompatibility for a good long while.

Re: WHY WE HAVE A NEW FORUM...and how old members get back in

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2023 10:14 am
by The_KNEEguru
Please note that any members of the old forum, once logged back into this new one, should check if any links in their Profile (such as links to Diaries) are changed to the new url address.