Success Story - patellofemoral pain syndrome

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Success Story - patellofemoral pain syndrome

Post by BusterCatLegs »

Hi all,

It has probably been a few years since I last posted but I wanted to write to say that I would consider myself about 95% recovered. I can walk a mile in a day no problem. I live a normal life and don't think about my knees daily. Once in a while they get a bit weird feeling but that doesn't lead to any other type of pain. I do avoid running and certain exercises that put a lot of stress on the knee joint.

I still wear the knee high socks though!! And when I get paranoid I still tape my knees.

I never had surgery and I'd say that it took about 4 years to fully recover, physically and also mentally.

If you'd like to read my story it is in the pages here and I'm happy to answer questions if you want to DM me.

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Re: Success Story - patellofemoral pain syndrome

Post by SuspectDevice »

Yup, took me 6 years due to medical incompetence/laziness/tunnel vision.  Only my own research which led to Dr Dyes worked saved me.
L Medial menisectomy 2012
PFPS both knees 2012-2017
Pre-CRPS diagnosed 2014 (I think this was crap)
2017 - 90+% cured via Dr Dye's research
2018 - MTB crash, busted collarbone & ribs - easy compared to knees!
2021 - ride 3x/week, swim 2x/week, gym 2x/week, short runs 2x/week, back to short races
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