Arthroscopy with Fat Pad Impingement Trimming Surgery & Recovery

To let us know how you are getting on for the first days and first few weeks after your operation or injury. We would be interested in knowing about pain levels and meds, dressings, using the CPM machine, swelling, icing regimes, mobility, exercise regimes, bathing and travelling issues, etc.
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Re: Arthroscopy with Fat Pad Impingement Trimming Surgery & Recovery

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silver_maple wrote: Ryan, there is one California-based knee doc who has quite a following on this board. His name is Scott Dye.
My first post here. Google reports that Dr. Scott Dye's office is "permanently closed." Website leads to nowhere.

My apologies if this has been posted already.
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Re: Arthroscopy with Fat Pad Impingement Trimming Surgery & Recovery

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Yes, Dr. Dye has retired. His views and clinical perspectives can be seen in a number of his publications and possibly at least two seminar speeches of his uploaded to YouTube. Haven't checked if the videos are still up today but I've watched them over the past 18 months.

In my view, Dr. Dye was ahead of his time in many ways but I do not necessarily endorse all that he says. There is nothing inherently wrong in wanting to restore anatomical correctness. The problem is that with the current surgical methods many interventions rather than helping can actually compound the problem. Patient selection is critical. For minor issues it may indeed be better to live within one's "envelope of function" than pile surgery upon surgery in the vain hope of restoring perfection. For major issues surgery can of course be the only way.
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Re: Arthroscopy with Fat Pad Impingement Trimming Surgery & Recovery

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Hi all,

It's been 4 or so months since I last posted so I thought I would do a quick update.

I took three weeks off over Christmas. I went away to the beach with the family, got out and about heaps etc. My knee was feeling so good and it was surprising for how much activity I was doing. After the break I returned to my office job where I was mostly working from home. Within 2 days my knee was feeling crappy again, the same achy pain after a long day of sitting. I was trying to keep the movement up with regular walks, standing etc but the reality was that I needed to sit for long periods for my work.

Long story short, I decided to quit my job. Not just because of my knee, I was generally pretty unhappy with it, but the Christmas break just got me wondering if I was to just get up and about more would my knee improve.

I ended up taking a job at my local university as a tutor and I also made the decision to work at the Fringe festival we have here in Adelaide. It's a month long arts festival second only to the Edinburgh Fringe. It was a bartending job which would require me to be on my feet for many hours at a time.

I knew I'd be OK at uni as its just a little bit of walking but the Fringe I had my doubts about and I was very worried about it. The first night was bad, my knee hurt really bad and I was thinking about pulling the pin. I thought I was just going to be in the bar but I needed to serve drinks in venues, run stock from bar to bar etc, go around and pick up glasses/rubbish. To my surprise, I woke up the next morning and my knee felt OK. The second night was a bit better but it was still quite sore, again I woke up the next morning feeling pretty good. It seemed that as the festival went on, my knee just felt better and better. I was able to do longer and longer shifts and just got more and more confident on it. One of the days I did close to 25000 steps as I did a 4 hour stint at uni, a 9 hour shift at the fringe and then went out after for some drinks. The next day I woke up and it was feeling great.

I really couldn't believe I was up and about and spending so much time on my feet. I hadn't done this in over 2 years. Over that month I definitely put muscle on in my legs - my mum commented saying she could notice a difference.

When the fringe finished, I continued with my uni job. I did notice that about 2 weeks after the fringe finished, my knee was not feeling 100% anymore but it wasn't too bad. I was still up and about at university and not sitting for very long periods.

So basically I think that sitting down for long periods was really killing my knee. Even though I was trying to stay active while working an office job, I just couldn't offset the sitting that I could not avoid. I am thinking about looking for a job at a local craft brewery/taproom, one to add some income as I've taken a pretty significant hit to my personal income, but also keep the knee moving and see even more improvements.

As a bit of a side note, some friends are going to the snow this year and I think I am going to go. My knee has improved but is no where near perfect. I have been on a couple of small jogs but definitely could not play sport etc. I want to give snowboarding a go (I have done it many times previously so wont be falling off every 2 seconds). I just have a feeling my knee will be OK but obviously have some doubts. I hope I am not making a terrible decision going :-\

I'll post again in a few months, maybe after the snow trip.

Ryan from Adelaide, South Australia
23/11/2020 - Right knee arthroscopy: Fat pad impingement trimmed and minor chondral breakdown tidied up
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