Has anyone had success with Ozone injections?

Steroid injections, lubricants (eg Synvisc)
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Has anyone had success with Ozone injections?

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I've only just heard about this, through searching on YouTube. Has anyone had ozone /prolozone injections into their knee and has it helped at all? It sounds similar to PRP in that there are claims about joint space thickening etc.
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Re: Has anyone had success with Ozone injections?

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Is it like prolotherapy which is akin to snake oil?
Might be worth using the search function? There are a number of hits for Prolozone
https://www.kneeguru.co.uk/KNEEtalk/ind ... on=search2

My OS has suggested PRP to me as a last resort but he is utterly unconvinced it would work for widespread arthritis. And an expert physio I spoke to said it's experimental and there's little evidence beyond maybe helping inflammation. I decided to spend the money on an unloader brace instead. Stem cell injections also seem to be unproven (and v expensive)
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