Slowly going crazy....

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Slowly going crazy....

Post by journey_never_ending_ »

So, I am back again. Not with good news. Here, it goes. Last night, my knee locked up again after I had a bath. My knee just won't move. Frusated and mad at the fact that it didn't work and also annoyed that I am back to square one. I did not get the intensive physio I was told I was having, instead I have to go through somewhere else and it could take up to 15 weeks just to get on the list. But at the same time, I am quite neverous to do physio because last year I got discharged from physio because my knees were a state. I did 18 months worth of physio. It made my knees flare up really bad and I don't want to end up going to a and e every time my knees start. I have an appointment to see my doctor on the 22nd of this month. He told me when I had it done that my knee would be fine and would not lock up. He also said there would be no pain. So, this appointment is about discharging me and I don't think he really care what happens and will just discharge me. It has always been something different every appointment so what do you believe? I am just tired of feeling like there is no way of getting out of this and always going two steps forward and two steps back. I just don't know what to believe anymore.

1st appointment: I was told I have severe mal-tracking in both of my knees and needed a Fulkerson Ostomy (different doctor)
2nd appointment: I was told that the pain might be from arthritis or could be under my kneecap, so he sent me for blood tests. He sent me for a mri as well (different doctor)
Mri- They could not do it on the day I was told to go as my knee was locked, so I had to go the next day as well.
3rd appointment: Blood tests were negative, nothing wrong with my knees. Just a lot of movement. He said the mri was blurry and all grey. He offered to do a Mua as my left knee was currently locked. When we asked him about the mal-tracking he said that the doctor shouldn't have said that and then said it didn't matter because he was a junior doctor. Why have him on then?
Operation- Had it done, stayed in hospital for one night and was put in a plaster cast for a week. Told me that my muscles were spamming and this was causing my knee to lock. I asked him why and he could not form a answer.
Plaster cast Removal- Had it removed and found out that they had put the wrong type of padding and also put too much on causing my foot to sweat and cause a huge blister.
2/11- Knee has locked up again.

I just don't know what to do anymore.
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Re: Slowly going crazy....

Post by vickster »

Can your parents pay for you to see a private Physio until the NHS referral comes through. One with expertise in paediatric patella issues if at all possible and who can access your history. Your GP should have all the letters from the hospital to include in a referral. Go see the GP this week with your parents and explain. Book a double appointment so you have time to explain everything. Talk it through with your parents first and write everything down as you have here.

Get the doctor to look at the blister and a hydrocolloid dressing (like a compeed) for the blister from the practice nurse

Good luck
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Re: Slowly going crazy....

Post by Brandon123 »

Like Vickster says, I think it is good idea to write down your story like you have done here, and bring it to the doctor next time you see him (alternatively your GP before that as suggested above). Often doctors have difficulties remembering/getting an overview of your history. Their own journals may be incomplete, especially if you have been to several different doctors.
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