What a journey so far

To let us know how you are getting on for the first days and first few weeks after your operation or injury. We would be interested in knowing about pain levels and meds, dressings, using the CPM machine, swelling, icing regimes, mobility, exercise regimes, bathing and travelling issues, etc.
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What a journey so far

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I'll try to keep this short. Back in September I fell a couple feet off ladder and knee buckled. I've been training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu last 10 years and sustained a few knew injuries that I believe contributed to the knee injury.

Anyways, had surgery last Friday using quad tendon and meniscus repair . The surgeon has been exceptional and has a excellent reputation for being one of the best.

I've been exhausted since and in a lot of pain. First two nights were okay and it's been okay at times and miserable.

I am sad that I'm missing over 6months of training but staying positive. Work from home so that helps. I'm doing rehab but surprised this has been as difficult as it is.

I'm not down or anything just keeping things in perspective m
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