Knee Recovery

General words of encouragement can go a long way. Everyone on this site will appreciate help with coping with pain and disability. Non-denominational, please.
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Knee Recovery

Post by RowanBailey »

I am new to this board, I will try to keep this as short as possible but it is quite long.

At 13 years old was very athletic, woke up one morning with knee swollen three times the size. After months on crutches diagnosed with Osgood Slaughther. Was on crutches, knee immobilizer and rehab for about 9 months. Was casted again in high school after another injury, crutches rehab At 20 hurt the knee doing Jane Fonda aerobics. Result was horitzoneal cut surgery multiple repairs done with rehab, good results and was good until I injured on a boat. was on crutches and knee immobilizer for 6 months, rehab was good. Other than random aches and pains knee has been okay.

Mid June I was gardening, felt something pop it hurt not that bad, but over the next three weeks it got progressively worse. Went to the doctor and got the following Diagnoises

Closed Non Displaced fracture of condyle of Left femur
High grade Chondral fissure to bone within the lateral patellar facet
Moderate Patellar tendinosis with partial tear of the deep fibers at the distal insertion with osseous spurring.
Mild Mucoid degeneration of the ACL

Was put on crutches for six weeks, RICE and gentle movement. Great results, it was feeling better doctor told me to start lightly putting pressure on it. After about a week of doing that it got worse pain that the original, leg looked like a big baguette. Went for another MRI and found out all got worse, including the fracture which is now 20% larger.

Asked about ultrasound, doctor said wouldn't be good with this kind of injury.
Spoke with my Functional doctor who has me on high doses of Quinone, Bone Builder supplements, Vitamin D, Marine Collagen and is sending me something that helps healing. He also told me to use heat 2x and then ice as little as possible as heat promotes healing.

The big thing is that I am supposed to be in a wheelchair for the next month, but a wheelchair will not fit in my house, so I am using a walker, crutches and trying to set myself up in one room and minimize any weight bearing. I was told that this is strict for a month but that it could now be another 3 months.

I am on a diet, trying to drop whatever I can (although probably too little too late)
I do some exercises once or twice a day to keep my core from getting too week and causing back problems and make sure that I am gently moving my injured leg.

If all goes perfect, I should be well by the end of the year.

I have been working from home but I own my own business and it is really hard not being at work, but my business season is Jan - April and I need to be well by then.

So, I am just venting, but also am looking for anything that anyone can share that will help me not lose my mind during this time and any tips for the recover. Like right now my back is starting to hurt from sitting so much, an tips for carrying hot coffee with a walker?

Thank you so much for your time and any input is greatly appreciated

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Re: Knee Recovery

Post by icarus »


Just read your post. I also am confined to the bed all day,and my back and butter started hurting. I found that a donut/ring cushion from Walgreens helped a lot for the pain.

Really hope you can get back in time for your busy season!
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Re: Knee Recovery

Post by Torao »

For the coffee and a walker, do you have a thermos that you could put in pocket?
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