Good bulletin board etiquette

Why we set up this bulletin board and the 'etiquette' of engagement
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Good bulletin board etiquette

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Know your acronyms -
OP = original oster / TC = topic creator
LOL - laugh out loud
BB - bulletin board
PM - private messaging
IMHO - in my humble opinion
FYI - for your information
Mod - moderator

Know your emoticons (smileys) and use them appropriately -
:) smile
;) wink
:-* kiss

Only post with your own username, even if you know the username/password of someone else.

Keep your own password confidential.

Choose descriptive titles for your new topic (not titles like 'Helpppp!!!')

Choose the proper category for your new topic

Try and keep your responses fairly short. If you have a lot to say, think about starting a diary or start your own topic.

Take care with your spelling

Used normal mixed case (not CAPS which are considered to be SHOUTING)

Address other users with respect

Keep your language clean

Flag offensive posts to the moderator rather than responding to them

Flag to the moderator any posts that you believe are from a minor

Quoting relevant portions of previous posts may be helpful, but do avoid habitually quoting large chunks
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