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Hughstons Plica Test

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:45 pm
Hi everyone, I dislocated my patella laterally about 4 yrs ago and my knee has been pinching/ aching between patella and medial femoral condyle since the incident and wont go away no matter how much physio I do (or dont do, lol)

Anyway, Ive been to a few orthopedic specialists over the years and an orthopedic surgeon. Most of them dont have any advise or insight to give me. The best advice ive gotten so far was from the surgeon. He said its prolly arthrofibrosis or a medial meniscus tear or maybe medial plica but did not have any conclusive opinions without going in (scope).

One test that I found on the internet is called the "hughston plica test". For those unfamiliar with this test, here is a link for a written discription/ video. ... rstein.swf

(scroll down to the tab that says "knee" and click that. It will open a new list to the right side and scroll down to the tab that says "hughston's" and click that and it will show a description and video for the hughston plica test.)

I had my dad perform the hughston plica test on me multpile times and each time it produces the pain/ pinching that I feel and the cracking popping that is heard.

I am almost certain the the plica is the issue here but my problem with the doctors is none of them knows of/ or has heard of the hughston plica test and they dont really seem to be interested in learning about it or understanding it.

This is frustrating for me because I think if a qualified doctor was aware of this test and did the evaluation on me with this test they would have a better insight into what the problem is and then I could get my problem fixed.

Has anybody here been diagnosed by their OS using the hughstons plica test? Is this test even recognized in the medical community or is it one of those things that only some doctors use but others dont believe in?

How should I get my doctors to acknowledge that this test is significant for reproducing my symptoms so they can possibly fix me?