Osgood Schlatters for 15 years or could it be something else?

Chronic inflammation of the lump below the kneecap.
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Osgood Schlatters for 15 years or could it be something else?

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When I was 13 I developed a painfull lump on the front of my left knee. This didn't stop me doing sport, but if it got knocke I would end up on the floor for a few mins whilst the pain subsided, at the time I visited my doctor and he diagnosed me with Osgood schlatters. He also told me that over time the lump would harden, although I probably would be left with a lump for the rest of my life.

However 15 years on and nothing has changed I still have the same painfull lump on my left knee, and recently it has started to hurt again. Over the last 2 years I have got into cycling and had been riding 3 times a week, in the last 6 months after riding I would feel pain in the lump on my left knee and occassionally pain running down my shin bone.

A month ago after about 30 mins of riding I develloped a pain under the inner side of my knee cap, I've rested it now for 5 weeks but if I ride for 30 mins the pain returns.

I'm stumpped, I've visited a physio, and got no real help other than his thoughts that i have a tight illio tibial band on my left leg and gave me a exercise to stretch it. Regarding the lump below my knee he reccomened that I see my doctor to get it x-rayed. This I have dont but my doctor is unable to send me for an x-ray, as I need t be refered to an orthopedic doctor first! This is all going to take time and I want to get out ridign again!

Is it possible that I still have Osgood Sclatters after 15 years, or could I have been miss-diagnosed in the first place and I'm actually suffereing from something else. I'm hoping that that the recent pain I am getting under my knee cap is tied in with the lump on my knee starting to hurt again.
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