Supratellar Bursitis

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Supratellar Bursitis

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I'm new here, I didn't see anything on this topic so here we go.

About 6 weeks ago i developed a stiff knee (didn't think much of it at the time), but it started to get worse over the next few days.

6 weeks on I have a roaring case of bursitis in my left knee.

I have seen 3 doctors (the first 2 just gave me naproxen and said take it easy {did nothing for me}) the 3rd did some more tests.

I have had an ultrasound (told me what I know, the rest of my knee is fine except for the fact it's full of fluid). I have had the knee drained twice, the last time 150ml was removed and tested with no infection found.

I've used a pressure bandage to try to force some of the fluid out of the knee (works when its on, the second I take it off it comes back).

I have heard that Cortisone injections can help settle these sorts of things down, but that they hold a level of risk and can soften cartilage, I think my issue is that there is so much swelling in my knee that it just keeps putting pressure on the bursa and in turn causing more swelling.

At the moment its just as bad as ever and doesn't look like its going away any time soon, If anyone out there has any advice I would love to know.




Re: Supratellar Bursitis

Post by ftbrunswick »

My left bursa (above the knee) was really bothering me about a year ago...have always had what I consider to be weak knees. I took a trip to see my chiropractor before seeking a surgeon or MD. The chiropractic doctor wasn't absolutely sure that the treatments would work - obviously, he told me, that if the pain were from a torn ligament, he would be referring me to a surgeon. The chiro manupulations, however, DID work and the pain susbided after two treatments. I was thrilled not to have to go through any bursa drainage sessions and/or surgery.
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