Can Osgood Schlatters have long term effects?

Chronic inflammation of the lump below the kneecap.
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Can Osgood Schlatters have long term effects?

Post by alienskater34 »

Hi, im 13 years old and was just diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters, i guess from skateboarding all the time. It's kind of weird because i haven't really been growing alot, im still only 5'1' and i dont seem to be getting taller, although my dad and his side of the family has always easily reached the 6 foot area. It doesnt hurt at all except for a very, very small ache that i hardly notice when done with exercise, but usually its fine. My doctor said if it doesnt hurt then its fine if i continue but now im afraid after reading many topics here that if i can continue skateboarding that it will have long term effects on me and will worsen. but i also read somewhere else that usually if the pain is mild kids like me just work through the pain anyways and a lot of the times make a full recovery when they finish growing. I'm scared and i want to continue skateboarding, i love it.

also, will i really still have this bump under my left knee after osgood schlatters is gone?

any additional information about the conditon is much appreciated, i like researching things.

thanks a lot, chris

oh yeah, ive been skateboarding on it for the past month or so, and i read somewhere on here that their son did the same except with rugby, played on it while it was in the mild stages, and now has a very severe case. im really really scared, please help!
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Re: Can Osgood Schlatters have long term effects?

Post by stgiles16 »

Chris, my husband, son and daughter all have Osgood. My husband's got bad as a child and he still has very large lumps on his knees that are very tender but with a neopreme knee brace,, he was able to play softball until he was 49. He only stopped then because he did not have time to play anymore. He still plays golf with no problem.

My son is 17 now. He was diagnosed at 13, He was a big soccer player. He changed from a forward to a goal keeper so that he did not have to run as much and he is doing fine. He has small lumps on his knees. He was also a late bloomer. He was about your size at 13 but last year, he grew and grew. He is now 6'1" tall and still growing. He doesnt play soccer anymore but he also has no knee pain.

My daughter is 14. She played soccer, is a cheerleader and a dancer. She does NOT have the lumps on her knees but she does have the pain. She just wears elastic supports around her knees when they hurt and she has to be on them alot. She dances several hours a week and practices cheerleading several hours a week. She had to give up soccer due to time constraints, not because of her knees. Soccer was the most painful for her of the three activities.

Dont worry so much. Bumps on your knees wont hurt anything in your future. Follow what your body tells you. when you are hurting alot, back off of the activity, when you are feeling fine, go for it.

good luck
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Re: Can Osgood Schlatters have long term effects?

Post by vix »

it was my son that played rugby but firstly he had a wrong diagnosis.and they told him to work through the pain and secondly he has OSD very severly and it was never just a mild ache. I would just say if it is hurting a lot rest it .and use a knee support
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Re: Can Osgood Schlatters have long term effects?

Post by Sam86 »

I don't want to scare you but I really wouldn't over do it with the sports. I was diagnosed with OSD at 12, they said to ease off the sports, so I did - I only did the sports I really enjoyed and didn't do them excesivly (so I thought).

I will let you know that I am by no way an athlete and never was. I before OSD I played football a couple of hours a week, swimming once a week and basketball a couple of times a week (with my mates so it wasn't really that excessive) By 13 I had to quit swimming as this made my knee hurt not during the swimming but afterwards. Come 14/15 I was also forced to quite football because the pain was getting too started off pretty much how you described. I carried on playing basketball with my mates because it was just a laugh and a joke and no real effort went into it so I thought that it wouldn't do much harm.

I got told that the symptoms would go in a few months, when it didn't my doctor said by the time I was 15. I kept going back and after a few years they said it would stop "when I stopped growing" at about 21! I was told this at 17.

The pain had been getting progressively worse throughout the years and the physio therapy that the doctor sent me to really wasn't helping. Doing any sort of activity seemed to make my knee flare up. I wasn't doing any sports other than swimming (to which I went back to for casual swims, only using my arms) Going up and down stairs hurts both during and afterwards. I can only run(jog) for a couple of minutes before the pain starts and sometimes my knee seems to flare up for no apparent reason.

After doing research around the net I found that most places advise caution when doing sports and alot of places suggest leaving sports out all together (if the pain is really bad)

OSD is an overuse injury, maybe continuing your sport will be good for you but please be very carefull and don't over do it.

I am 20 now and last year had surgery to remove the lump to try and ease the pain and make weight bearing activitied easier. Unfortunatly this did not work and I am still as bad as I were before the op, waiting for another appointment with the knee consultant.

I really do not want to scare you, not alot of people get OSD as bad I have, most cases DO go away after the "growth spurt" but please do not make it too difficult for your body to heal itself by over doing your skateboarding, perhaps cutting it down may help ease your mind aswell as enabling you to carry on doing what you love.
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