Osgood Schlatters

Chronic inflammation of the lump below the kneecap.
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Re: Osgood Schlatters

Post by shellmak »

hi nicky,
my 12 year old son was diagnosed with osd 6 months ago,
he plays competitive basketball,
our doctor told me dont worry it will go away he is having a growth spurt,
well that he is,
i have also been told there is no treatment just give him panadol,
until i took him to a myotherapist he told me my son has a very severe case of osd in both knees
and to stop all sports, he said he will have it for another 6 months,
my son has been in alot of pain he cant even get out of bed,
the myotherapist massaged the top of my sons legs as his muscles were very tight
and also gave him accupuncture or dry needling as he called it as well as some stretching execises at home
and ice packs on his knees for 20 minutes morning and night, after 2 sessions my son has noticed a difference
and i have seen he is walking alot better,
check out your local myopathy clinic,
all the best ,
michelle. :)
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Re: Osgood Schlatters

Post by greenfairygirl »

Had it since I was about 9 years old, 21 now and still have it! It does not always go away and my ortho surgeon willdo NOTHING for me

(to the OP) I hope yours disappears in next to no time and with minimal pain!
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Re: Osgood Schlatters

Post by EricCrake »

I supposedly have something close to Osgood Schlatters (Called "Sinding-Larsen-Johansson") and doc said i have it because all of my leg muscles are way too tight and its putting too much pressure on my knees. He put me on a hour a day stretching program, and said i should be pain free in about a 2 months. I dont know if it will work for you but you should give it a try.
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Re: Osgood Schlatters

Post by GAYLEH »

please make sure it is the right diagnosis too >:( I was told that when I used to get pains playing football at 14, and it was only when 18 they discovered during surgery it was OA. In the UK they don't offer MRI routinely so would not have known at 14 it was mis diagnosed....
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Re: Osgood Schlatters

Post by Carolyn2112 »

Same here... Had a ton of tests as a young teen in the US and no one ever did an MRI. Was told severe OS for years, had a medial release and TTT at 14, then at 20 was told it was OA. However two surgeons have both said it looks like my OS was so bad it caused the OA by way of the kneecap rubbing badly for 14 years. :P

Hang in there everyone!

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Re: Osgood Schlatters

Post by zack »

hey whats up guys? i am now 22, i've had this os in both knees since i was in the 5th grade, there is really nothing you can do to make the "bumps" go away. i have played pretty much every sport, i was even a catcher and that was probably the worst on my knees, well that and soccer due to the fact that i would run for about 80 mins straight. anyways if your in pain, ice your knees. the best kind of knee pad you can wear are the ones with the metal bars on both sides of the pads. even now if i get hit in the knees i will go down to the ground in pain. we have to face the fact that we can't do shit about this. trust me i hate my knees and im known for playing sports i guess if your young the best thing for you to do is either say f' it and be the best you can at it. or you could get into something else that is less painful. ice does help, they even make these little ice "packs" they don't look like ice packs they are made for os yeaah but that is about it. take some tabs would be my advice, the docs should hook us up. the reason why im on here is because i do have os, but i was recently in a mma match and pulled guard, pulled my right knee up and you could hear it pop about 3 times with about 400 people in a room screaming .. the docs said my mri came out normal.. which is bull shit. but anyways. os sucks, i've been lving with it for years. and thats all we can do.. so if i can ask a doc one question it would have to be WHERE ARE THE GOD DAMN PAIN KILLERS .. LOL. hope you all get over this disease. sorry if this is scrambled. just typing. o and they do have rehab kinda stuff for this. 1 . is to sit in a chair w/ your back as straight as you can get it.. good posture and lift one of you legs as high as you can get it, then switch to the other leg.. if your like me you won't be able to lift it very high, but after a few weeks hopefully your hamstrings will loosen up and that might help you.. i am hear to try to help. sorry bout the language. didn't read the agreement thing. so who knows if i can even do that. hope u all get better. o another thing a doc told me. if you are in sports make sure you do have one of those knee pads i mentioned up there. that will help, if you're a wrestler/mma, you won't be able to wear them so right now im injured but i'll let you all know after my next fight, how a knee sleeve does. peace be with yall.
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