Any Peroneal Nerve recovery stories?

If you feel your knee problem has been successfully managed, let us hear about it. Post the full story with the first post - how it started, what symptoms, what you were told, what examinations and tests, what surgery, what type of rehab.
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Re: Any Peroneal Nerve recovery stories?

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globalrecon wrote: Fri Jan 13, 2006 6:23 pm Amdre,

I read your post and had to register for this site and reply.

I had a similar injury as yourself. On Dec 11 1993 (12 years ago) I dislocated my left knee in a wrestling match. The Popliteal Artery along with the peroneal nerve were crushed. I had no pulse in my leg below my knee for nearly an hour, until the ER doc reduced the dislocation. Luckily the pulse returned otherwise amputation could have been a result. Diagnossis was a blown ACL, PCL, LCL a torn MCL and a fractured Fibula as well as the peroneal nerve damage. I was told the same thing you were Post op. All the Doc's said I will be lucky if I were to ever walk remotely normal again. It was predicted that my wrestling career was over and that I probablly would never be able to run as I use to for wrestling practice. The tests showed no to little peroneal nerve regeneration would ever occur and I would have to wear an AFO for the remainder of my life. I was refered to one of the best OS in the pacific Northwest Dr. Peter Mandt who has worked with the U.S. ski team, seahawks and many other teams and such, luckily for me. Dr. Mandt conuslted many renowned Doc's and even flew one in from somewhere (cant remember where). After ~ 8 hr's in the OR the "global reconstruction" was complete and I had 2 alographs done from 2 different donor's for my ACL and PCL. After many months of painfull rehab and many phycological bouts I was able to walk with crutches. I rehabed very rigorusly and was able to return to Wrestling the following year, with the AFO for the remainder of high school (I never returend to football though b/c it was too risky with all the cutting thats done). I was never my self again on the wrestling mat but at least I was back doing what I loved. I had to ride the stationary bike while my temates ran for the remainder of my high school career. I was unable to lift my foot without the AFO until my Freshman year in College, the nerve had taken 3 years to regenerate enough to walk without the AFO. But the Point here is it did regenerate. If you do you physical therapy until you cant stand to do it any more, then do it more you can over come this. I didnt even do my therapy enough, I wish I had b/c I may have even more dorsiflexion if I had. My frshman year in college I was recruited by the track coach while lifiting in the weight room, he wanted me to throw the shot, javilin and discus. The following year he wanted me to run x-country to train for track and I was actually able to run with success, I was awarded 2x's as the most improved male athlete on the team once my College running carreer was over and at nearly 180 lbs (a huge runner) had recorded a 6.13 min/mile average over a 10k race. 12 years down the road I have yet to have another knee surgery and I can walk, run, snowboard and just about anything I want. Ive heard of and have friends that have only torn thier ACLs that have had numerous surgeries. With hard work and dedication you can over come anything. Yes I still have some pain and I still have drop foot but hey I cant even remember what it was like to have a normal knee.

Hello Jake,

Thank you for your testimonuy. In case you get this message, my boyfriend had similar injury on the nerve level (see my signature). Which exercices in therapy helped you the most recover ? Did you do / try anything extra in particular to regain more dorsiflexion ?

Thank you for your help.

Global injury 6 dec. 2023: luxation of the knee, 4 crossed ligaments thorn, 1 artery behind the knee damaged and repaired, perineal nerve damaged + foot drop symptom
Nerve damage: not sectioned but elongated. Grade axonotmesis. electromyogram: no electrical signal

We are looking for anyone who had axonotmesis or neurotmesis without nerve section and who recovered and share how / what they did.
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