6 month post LCL/ACL/PCL and peroneal nerve damage

To let us know how you are getting on for the first days and first few weeks after your operation or injury. We would be interested in knowing about pain levels and meds, dressings, using the CPM machine, swelling, icing regimes, mobility, exercise regimes, bathing and travelling issues, etc.
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6 month post LCL/ACL/PCL and peroneal nerve damage

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Hi guys,

I finally found this site after many months of searching for something positive instead of the multiple doom & gloom articles/studies that I came across.

Basically, 6 months ago I had a horrific rugby accident. My knee had already hyperextended at the exact moment my trailing leg was spun so my knee had no option but to corkscrew itself - resulting in LCL, ACL & PCL tears, posterolateral corner basically torn apart, bicep femoral was destroyed and my tibia displaced and stretched my peroneal nerve resulting in foot drop.

I had surgery pretty quickly exactly a week post injury and then spent 12 weeks on a jack brace that took gravity off my tibia in the hope my PCL would repair itself. The surgery itself was LCL repair using a hamstring graft, recon of my PL-corner and some nerve decompression. The PCL did indeed heal itself, my LCL was a success, I still have a semi paralysed foot with nerve pain and the ACL repair is a consideration for the future.

My main question is….how long will a surgeon wait to perform a MUA? My rehab has been going great however when I first came out of my brace my knee had frozen at 70 degrees, 6 months later and a lot of painful pt sessions later and it is between 90-100 degrees. I myself do not feel I can push any harder as I am very strong and stubborn, my hydrotherapist stopped out sessions for the same reason as she feared I would not stop her going to far and further damaging me. So, at what stage in a MUA still a consideration as my knee is not improving?

Also, I also have just enough power in my foot to wriggle my big toe and I can dorsiflex when my leg is raised and relaxed but not whilst on the ground. I still suffer extreme nerve pain ranging from tingles and shocks, to my foot feeling like it is on fire and going to swell out of my shoe. I can walk short distances using an AFO but after a short while my leg and foot become tired and slap the ground which then sends the shocks through my shin and foot. It is all very exhausting and draining, and I need to rest up to recover for further walks. Is this recovery normal and what can I expect from my nerve damage and regeneration?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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