"Iovera treatment for Knee pain" Any Experiences?!

Steroid injections, lubricants (eg Synvisc)
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Re: "Iovera treatment for Knee pain" Any Experiences?!

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No provider is giving a heads up on how excruciating the procedure is. Definitely not my "choice" in deciding and hindsight is 20/20. Did your provider apply nerve block prior to Coolief? Did he/ she discuss all process steps ? Additionally it makes no sense that Coolief would be needed 1-week prior to partial knee replacement , if I'm understanding you correctly. PKR would result in massive pain relief in 2-3 weeks post op. Typically back to work in that timeframe.
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Re: "Iovera treatment for Knee pain" Any Experiences?!

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I had Iovera today and it made the pain along the outside of my left knee much worse. Now I'm worried that it's not going to do much post surgery
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