Does constraint prosthesis help hypermobile knees?

Over-lax joints, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, etc
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Does constraint prosthesis help hypermobile knees?

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Hi all,
I have had both knees replaced some years ago. The left knee doesn't have too much pain although it has failed & sometimes slides & will hurt then. The big problem is my right knee. It was replaced first in 2009, then again in 2015 when it was thought to be infected. It was replaced by an anti-biotic "temporary" implant. I've had a lot of pain since & now there is no OS who is interested in looking at my knees.
I've been reading about EDS & find I have a number of the symptoms including hypermobile joints. I have full ROM including being able to sit back on my heels, even though I have the replaced knees. I've asked several OS about this & they think I'm just lucky & it's not an issue. I have to say I really think that is a big part of my pain problem.
I read that an OS can use a constrained implant for people with EDS or hypermobile joints. Has anyone had an implant such as that? Did it help with knee pain? I'm in the process now of getting an appointment with a rheumatologist who is familiar with EDS. If anyone knows of an OS in the northeast US who is familiar with EDS issues, I'd love to get the name. Thanks!
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