Clearing the clutter: Writing letters?

General words of encouragement can go a long way. Everyone on this site will appreciate help with coping with pain and disability. Non-denominational, please.
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Clearing the clutter: Writing letters?

Post by kayeinsea »

I used to rely on Yelp for every pet peeve I had. This was sort of worth it, i was "elite" for a few years and got into free happy hours, concerts, etc.

But it was really negative, often, and THIS year made a decision to TALK to business owners about the good and bad.

I usually speak to them in restaurants, or at a store if its clearly slow. It helps me clear my mind it's being heard and dealt with.

With my knee, maybe 10? Different doctors didn't listen; I was scheduled for 2 of the WRONG doctors (after driving 2 hours each way) and 2 doctors said they flat out wouldn't treatment because i was doctor shopping.)

I'm a writer by profession....Would contacting clinics with a REAL LETTER be worth it? Anyone done it? What have the responses been like? I fear with medmal no one will give a poop.....
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Re: Clearing the clutter: Writing letters?

Post by leezard »

As long as the lead clinical manager sees it, I think it would make a difference. I would do it.

I've had similar issues with physicians, and have finally decided to write complaints to the governing physician agency in my province. I won't return to those physicians again, but hopefully it will make enough of an impact for them to provide better care for people in the future!

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