I am a new person after PT

General words of encouragement can go a long way. Everyone on this site will appreciate help with coping with pain and disability. Non-denominational, please.
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I am a new person after PT

Post by inpaingirl »

Hi, I just wanted to update everyone. I had PFS for 5 years. I have tried 6 different PTs, the last one who specialized in orthopedic sport injuries. He worked on me for 6 weeks and I was finally able to live life like a normal 29 year old.

When I came into his office, I told him he is my last try. The next 6 weeks were intense, and he was there every time I came in, he didn't send me off to any assistant but instead came up with new exercises for me to do. I left sore. At the end of 6 weeks I couldn't even get used the idea that I was pain free... Pain was a normal part of my life, it was like an alarm that never stops ringing. Day by day hour by hour it was always there, wether it was my left knee or right knee. But now? I wake up and I don't even think about my knees, can you believe this? I can just focus on life and school and family, going to the grocery store and not be miserable from walking/standing... I actually want to live now. Not only that but I am back to school.

Basically this whole knee problem gave me inspiration to be in the medical field. First I figured, I will get to the bottom of this pain and what causes it.But in the process of my studies, I am already fixed.But it doesn't end here. The fact that PT worked for me gives me so much desire to learn the way muscles work and I can't wait to help others like me. The human body is so complex, and I love every tiny piece of the puzzle. Right now I am Kinesiology major I have not decided what I what to pursue after bachelors either PT or PA.

Long story short, don't give up there is hope out there. And make sure you do your exercises every day as prescribed by your PT. You can't give up util you did your absolute best.

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Re: I am a new person after PT

Post by dal_knee »

That's great news. Can you mention what were the exercises that were new and different to what you tried before ?
Plus would you mind telling the physical therapists name, so others can benefit.
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