discoid meniscus....anyone??

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discoid meniscus....anyone??

Post by nancita »

just had my surgery last monday, and today the surgeon showed me the color photos of the inside of my knee.

yow!! he had to remove almost the whole discoid part because it looked like shredded wheat. much more than the mri showed. so that's gone, the rest trimmed and all should be okay.

here's my question:
1. i guess we're an "uncommon" bunch - hear that if you have a discoid it's much more likely to give way. does anyone have any experience with that???
2. if you've had the surgery, is the recovery longer because they've removed something your body had for so long rather than just a trim? he says I have the normal crescent meniscus intact, so that's gotta be good news.

torn lateral discoid meniscus, surgery 7/17/2006
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Re: discoid meniscus....anyone??

Post by meb10 »

Hi I too have a discoid meniscus but upon arthroscopy they did not do anything with mine because my OS said it was stable rather my problem was plica syndrome and synovial issues in the suprapatellar area. I also have questioned how popular this was but could never find any clear information. From the MRI my OS noted it prior to surgery but he said that it was not uncommon. Just thought I would tell you that you were not alone with your wierd meniscus. I hope you are doing ok. Mary
Arthroscopy-May23,06;suprapatellar synovectomy and plica excision/removal. October 06 now have chondromalacia of patella and osteoarthritis in medial compartment of knee
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Re: discoid meniscus....anyone??

Post by Astreas »

Hi Nancita. I have discoid menisci. They're hereditary, and according to my OS more common in eastern europeans. I live in UK so don't know where he got those demographics from! Tears and locking are more common in discoid menisci as there's a greater surface area to get in the way during knee movements.

Anyhoo I had an op on my left meniscus in March this year. My meniscus, apart from being discoid, was totally mis-shapen and wasn't anywhere near a crescent or even bean-shaped, but all fat and distorted. Lovely. There was a split in the centre that hadn't reached the sides, which is why my MRI was so inconclusive. So the surgeon used the split already there to fashion a normal crescent shaped one.

My op was supposed to be 20min but lasted an hour as they had a fair bit of tidying up when they found what they were dealing with :o

As regards recovery, there's no pattern to it. Everyone's different. I met a guy who'd had similiar surgery to me and he healed really fast, despite having poor muscle tone, doing no physical activity and generally being a couch-potato! I'm a PT and thought I'd breeze through rehab and recovery. I didn't >:(

Try to find our how much they've taken away too. As you've a nice crescent shaped one now I'm sure you'll heal just fine. There will still be enough cartilage to absorb forces through the knee. The nerves will be altered around the joint though so make sure you do proprioception work to re-educate them in conjunction with your rehab exercises.

Incidentally my physiotherapist had nearly all of his mensici removed, so he's nearly bone-on-bone and he still runs half marathons and does crazy sports :)

Hope this helps.
22.03.06 - L knee arthroscopy & partial mensicectomy to remove split in lateral discoid shaped meniscus.
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Re: discoid meniscus....anyone??

Post by TEGS77 »


i just had surgery to cut out a tear from my discoed, im in the healing process now, day 5 in big teresa knee!
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hopeing to be walking soon again
hope your all healing well
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