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Lessons I have learned about arthrofibrosis

One of the first lessons I learned about Arthrofibrosis:

KNOWLEDGE - Learn as much about this condition as you can possibly find. Your knowledge on Arthrofibrosis will provide you with the information needed to make the correct decisions regarding your medical care....

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Open Debridement and Proximal Z-Plasty For Arthrofibrosis

One of my surgeries was for scar tissue was Oct 10, 2007. This was an open debridement and a procedure I had never heard of called, a Proximal...

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When I needed a break from doing rehab---fun diversions in Cincinnati

When I've been to Cincinnati, most of my time is spent totally devoted to my knee. Whether it's appointments, pre-op testing, pre-op appts, surgery, hospital, getting blood draws for coumadin levels, and countless hours spent in PT and doing PT at the hotel. In between the...

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Lodging in Cincinnati

Finding lodging for out-of-town surgery can be very stressful. The amount of time you will be staying, expense, convenience, location and safe environment are all factors. We've stayed at a variety of hotels on our many trips to Cincinnati. With Dr Noyes office now located about 20 mins drive north of downtown Cincinnati, in the town of Montgomery, we prefer to stay near his office. Staying near the hospital for surgery is very inconvenient because your time there is very limited and all your rehab will be done at the office. We usually stay in the town next to Montgomery,called Blue Ash...

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My 1st Journey to Cincinnati

My journey to Cincinnati began in the Spring of 2004. After hearing from my OS that there was nothing more he could do, no one he could refer me to and nothing more, anyone could do, that he hadn't already done.....so otherwise, I was told to live with it ! I was not going to settle for a life of not being able to do ANYTHING active in my life,painful walking, this constant tightness and...