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Knee Replacement #2 Under 40 Knee replacement.

I had a good cry today.  Just came home from the OS and while I known -- Have known my left knee was very bad since 2006 the past few months have been a struggle to control the pain. My quality of life has slowly been stolen from me the last few months.   I get up and go to work.. Come home and my left knee is burning with pain all night with an intensity I have known only too well since 2005.  My last round with Supartz...

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The Flector® Patch,

Yesterday, I went to the OS for my left knee and asked for a cortizone injection and mentioned I was using my lidocaine patches like crazy. He said there was a new patch out on the market. 

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I am grateful for my knee problems because:

Today I kept thinking about a post on the bulletin board and I do not remember who started the thread. It started out by saying  " I am greatful for my knee problems because" and the post went on to list all these great reasons to take a step back and remember when you are dealt lemons in life to make lemonaid.

I lost my father in October 2007to Esophageal Cancer.    So I just wanted to take a moment today to say I am grateful for my knee problems because I got to spend alot of time at my folks place during...

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Pediatric Knee Replacement - Being 30ish and too young for a lifetime of pain

Too young for a lifetime of pain.

I consider you a Pediatric Case." Said the second OS I saw. Sure I wanted a second set of eyes to review my condition. But I didn't expect the next sentence to come out of his mouth. I would only consider doing your...

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Because I can. A year later.

Thursday I had my first of five Supartz injections in my left knee. I am always so stressed out about getting injections this is my second round this year. The injection pain is pretty intense but fades away after a few hours. Far better than having a knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced Dec 2006. It is almost a year since my right knee was replaced. Come to think of it.